¡°Five-second “ten million tons of steel bases will be built in Chongqing

to reported yesterday in Chongqing City Commission, the
official said, “By 2015, the city should build
million tons of quality steel base, achieving sales revenue of 60 billion yuan.¡± It
is reported that heavy steel has been successfully implemented environmentally
friendly move, to become China’s largest steel vessel base and the West’s
largest boutique environment-friendly steel companies, “hundreds of
billions heavy steel” will come soon. Next, Chongqing will also
promote “going out” strategy to strengthen reserve of the iron ore,
bauxite and other important resources.

The next five years, Chongqing will focus on the
development of steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium and manganese silicon
materials, energy saving building decoration materials, new materials and other
five major industrial chain,2015, total investment 20 million yuan, achieving sales
income of 300 billion yuan,

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