Export prospects of domestic iron and steel re-Mengyin Ying

China’s steel company is facing new export problems.As China’s steel sold in South Korea caused a lot of local concern, China and South Korea yesterday in the 16th meeting of China-ROK steel agreement will begin negotiations.Industry analysts believe that as China’s largest export destination of steel, if the restrictive measures taken by South Korea, will have a greater impact on the domestic steel industry.   
      It is reported that China and the ROK government officials and steel industry, a total of more than 50 people who attended the 8th meeting in Busan, South Korea, the relevant departments pointed out that China’s steel exports to South Korea the number is growing rapidly, but China’s steel  series can get tax rebate, if it continues maintain the momentum surge, South Korea’s steel mills will burden.South Korea was very worried.South Korea hoped the meeting to discuss response options.
      Not long ago, China Steel Association has said that weak demand in the international market, prices fall, China’s steel exports were from 3 months after monthly decline.Lange Steel Information Research Center analyst Guo-Qing Wang analysis: “In the first half, China’s steel exports to South Korea, 56.1 million tons, accounting for 23% of total exports, if South Korea to take restrictive measures, and that exports of Chinese steel industry will be very unfavorable. “

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