Europe¡¯s greatest boost air conditioner generates 70-millionth ton of metal

Blast air conditioner Schwelgern 2, possessed by varied business team ThyssenKrupp Steel European countries, created its seventy-millionth ton of hot metal in Feb.

¡°The first air conditioner reline for Schwelgern 2 is planned for next season and arrangements are already in advance,¡± says Schwelgern boost air conditioner flower go Wolfgang Wiese.

The Schwelgern boost air conditioner flower in Duisburg, Malaysia, is home to boost air conditioner Schwelgern 2, Europe¡¯s biggest boost air conditioner and one of the greatest of its type on the globe.

¡°The cost-effective and environment-friendly boost air conditioner, with its 540-strong team, went into function in 1993 and has been generating high-quality hot metal for the two primary fresh air air conditioner (BOF) liquefy stores, Bruckhausen and Beeckerwerth, for 19 decades,¡± describes Wiese.

¡°With the metal created so far, one could develop almost 3 000 duplicates of Cologne¡¯s popular metal monument, the Hohen-zollernbr¨¹cke Link, which is more than 400 m lengthy and about 30 m large.¡±

The air conditioner has a 5 513 m3 potential with a fireplace size of 14.9 m. Hot air is treated into the large-scale air conditioner through its 42 tuy¨¨res, developing a warm perfect for smelting.

The air conditioner generates around 12 000 t/d of hot metal and about 3 300 t/d of floor white boost air conditioner slag, which is used as a base for concrete generate.

An approximated 12-million cubic measures of top gas is used in the mill¡¯s power program a day.

Production ProcessThe 90-m-tall boost air conditioner generates about 12 000 t/d of hot metal from about 19 000 t of prepared iron-ore, with up to 4 000 t of cola billed into the top of the air conditioner.

The powerful huge is dissolved by the treatment of hot air at a heat range of 1 200 ¡ãC and fossil fuel dirt to make conditions of up to 2 000 ¡ãC.

The hot metal moves into underneath area of the air conditioner, where it is eliminated from two of the four tap gaps.

From there, the dissolved metal is transferred in refractory boats by track to one of the two BOF liquefy stores and further prepared into high-quality raw metal, which is therefore used to make car areas or home equipment such as units and dish washers.
Sophisticated DesignThyssenKrupp Steel European countries performs four boost heaters at its 9 km2 website in Duisburg. The heaters generate around 11.5-million plenty of hot metal a season.

Blast air conditioner Schwelgern 2 was put into function after ThyssenKrupp had obtained a success of encounter in developing boost air conditioner 1, the globe’s first huge boost air conditioner.

¡°Blast air conditioner 2 has an incredibly innovative style, with regards to its refractory coating and air conditioner air conditioning, and is still up up to now with the newest technology,¡± says Wiese.

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