E-commerce of steel pipe

    Network marketing is varied, which is by means of one or more networks to promote to reach the role of marketing. 10 years later, with the fast, low-cost, high efficiency B2B of enterprise, seizing and taking advantage of B2B to play the greatest role has become new focus of concern. On the steel pipe industry as a statement, Liaocheng, Tianjin, Wuxi, Chongqing, Xi’an and other markets, information marketing is very common, competition is severe.
    In fact, as a supplier, there are three aspects of the work is essential. First, seek business opportunities, including the B2B platform on subscription and search opportunities for the latest procurement information, and information about the industry. We should be familiar with market conditions and to initiatively find corresponding buy information. The product information also require be frequently updated, and refresh the supply of information to ensure the company’s products in the peer-ranking priority.
    Second, grasping the marketing opportunities are also particularly important. The expects summarize their own network marketing experience said that let customers find themselves. “Many customers can not find a good supplier, mainly because we did not be found by them, which is because the enterprise did not publicize. So we need to look for the future, and strengthen marketing.
    In addition, enterprises should always pay attention to B2B trends, timely have application of new services to upgrade the information technology business. In the becoming more sophisticated models’ B2B market, more and more people are aware that industry-specific B2B service model is the future trend of development. Many companies have started to use the B2B segment and vertical brand marketing.
    At present many ways to promote the steel tube information. There are several common ways:
    First, exchange links:Link or reciprocal link exchange, is a simple form of cooperation between the site of complementary strengths. That were placed its web site name or web site logo on our sites and set each other links, so users can find their partner sites in the Web site to achieve mutual promotion purposes.
    Second, online advertising:Almost all online marketing activities and brand image are related to branding image. In all marketing tools in the network, the most direct role is online advertising. After 2011, the new advertising overcome the limited amount of information, poor interaction of banner advertising, has received a relatively high number of hits.
    Third, information dissemination:Information dissemination is the basic functions of network marketing, but also a practical means of operation. Through the Internet, not only can browse large number of commercial information, but can also publish their own information. The most important is timely release of valuable information on their website to full play the site’s functionality, such as new product information, offers, information and so on.    
    Fourth, the search engine marketing (SEM):Search Engine Marketing is based on the ways of users using search engines, using the opportunity of users retrieve information to pass the marketing information to the target user. Search engine marketing can be divided into two categories: First has to pay money named PPC, the second is free called SEO.

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