Domestic stainless steel continuous coloring process Breakthrough

Reporters learned that the County is located in Ningxia, the world’s largest production base in Ningxia Tianyuan Manganese Manganese Co., Ltd. will put into operation, 100 tons of rare earth new materials and color steel projects, With the world leading technology fills up domestic and overseas stainless steel continuous shaded gap in the fields of production.

It is understood that the traditional color-coated steel as building materials for housing, there is a material corrosion resistance, strength, toughness and other less defects. To ensure safety, the southeast coastal areas many factories of the roof need to be replaced every two years, the cost is high. In order to solve the problem, building, steel industry continuously explore, practice, it puts forward to corrosion resistance, ductility strong stainless steel as roof building materials. However stainless steel material of colour and lustre is a single, easy reflects the light, both neither is beautiful and will cause light pollution. Ningxia tian yuan manganese industry Co., LTD. Deputy general manager shen skysea said at the seminar, the color steel the success of the new material research, development, production would be effective to solve this problem. 

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