Department of Commerce denied the export of a large number of business failures

 Slow economic recovery in the world, a continuous decline in export growth in the case, survival and development of export enterprises more and more attention.Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang 24th regular conference in the Ministry of Commerce, said, according to the Ministry of Commerce, or no data to support a very typical case of “a large number of export-oriented enterprises fail” argument.
      According to Shen Danyang introduced, not only did not appear the phenomenon of collapse of the export business, export business transformation has made significant progress.Said Shen Danyang, a recent statistics show that 300 enterprises in Dongguan have basically achieved strong production increases design mode of operation.In addition, our processing business transformation is also accelerating.Data show that in 2010, a total of 1250 processing enterprises into corporate unincorporated business, is 1.4 times the total in previous years.
         “Not only can not say Dongguan model has come to an end, on the contrary, it should be said Dongguan model is reborn glory.” Shen Danyang said.
       However, Shen Danyang admitted that the international economic situation, there is more uncertainty, coupled with labor, raw materials and other domestic factor costs rising, the Pearl River Delta region of the existence of some difficulties in the business.
         For export enterprises are facing difficulties, the relevant departments are also taking measures to guide enterprises to speed up transformation.According to Shen Danyang introduced, the Ministry of Commerce, Human Resources and Social Security, General Administration of Customs jointly issued the “construction of the Pearl River Delta region on transformation and upgrading of processing trade in the national demonstration area of ??the guidance” will strive to make the demonstration area three years processingtrade to achieve the high-end, technology development, changes in domestic and international markets simultaneously.
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