Decryption “heavenly palace number one” : fiberglass make flying more “light”

    Today, let us decrypt the “heavenly palace number one” how to use the fiberglass to make flying more “light”. For let “heavenly palace number one” fly “light”, “perfect”, the scientists have racked their brains. At the opening of 2011 Shanghai industry exhibition, independent research and new materials for “paradise number one” battery “thin body” of the panels, Donghua university experts, the first time have declassified the design on here. 
    As the key equipment provides flying power, power subsystem is known as the “heart” of space vehicle. Compared with previous satellite, “heavenly palace number one” need to fight in the space station LEO environment where is fill with more “space junk”. It puts forward higher requirement of all parts of the antioxidant properties. The R&D team of “Heavenly palace number one” have put out the problem at the beginning to the research team of Donghua university, which is responsible for the research of battery attachment materials: developing a new material plate, not only can it effectively improve the capacity of the battery, but also overcome the launch and space flight of the great resistance. In addition, it can reduce weight as far as possible.
    Therefore, Donghua university professor ChenNanLiang led the team that started more than 5 years of research. Hard to imagine, they feel satisfied with the materials is glass unexpectedly.
    Glass has strong advantage of resistance to oxidation and corrosion, but in general people it seems to be a material of fragile solid, which do not suit for the structure material. But the team found that, if make the glass lay out to filamentous to become the fiber, it displays huge advantage: not only strength greatly strengthened, and soft and light. Therefore, ChenNanLiang’s research team immediately chose the fiberglass, and use it to be the “heavenly palace number one” battery panels attached objects materials. It is the most appropriate choice.
    But choose the right material also is only the first step. Next is the research team involved in the biggest problem of “heavenly palace number one” since research: fiberglass’s character is brittle. We want to use it to make the carrier of battery board, just like “beating sweater with glass”.
    However, the team never give up. ChenNanLiang’s team began research with Nanjing fiberglass institute, and finally they developed the high strength and low elongation, high softness degree special fiberglass. The half steel fiberglass network made by this fiber can accept the power system as much as one hundred volt power supply implant. The panels can generate electricity through the grid double-sided battery power, power generation than improved 15%. In addition, it can effectively prevent the thermal fatigue and heat damage of LEO environment, the weight of the batteries light 30%-40% than traditional rigid panels.
    ChenNanLiang told reporters that later the technology will also be used in the manufacture of satellite antenna. In two or three years, 30 meters large diameter metal nets antenna is expected to break the monopoly of foreign technology, and be applied in China aviation, aerospace and satellite field.

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