Countermeasures of steel enterprise in small profit times

    In recent years, under the
pressure of  iron ore prices and steel
excess capacity , iron and steel enterprise profit margins have been
compressed. China’s steel industries are steping in small profit era.

to China’s economic boom index report of steel, in the third quarter of this
year, the steel industry sales profit rate is 2.2%, far below the national
average level of industrial earnings. At
present, the steel industry is in “the high cost and low benefit”
operation state, it will experience a fierce competition for the better road of development . In the rules of
market economy function, China’s economic transformation and the transformation
of the steel industry development is the trend of The Times. Without transition and development, there is no way out
facing a serious situation.          

    To this, the steel enterprise should be rising to the challenge actively. In the future, the steel enterprise should
optimize the allocation of resources, improve the innovation ability, and make more exploration on the industrial chain
extension. It will provide some support for the steel works to realize sustainable development.This exploration of steel enterprise for the industry is from the grasp of the situation, the more from steel enterprise their own

    In general, the enterprise
must have a “comprehensive
strength” in technology, management and cost control. First of all, the enterprise should strive to promote “the
high-quality goods + scale” strategy with
technology advantage, and build
the product advantage to the scale advantages to promote market advantage.  Second, the enterprise should be put forward
“service first” business strategy with the service consciousness of manufacturing.Third, the improvement of energy costs can be conducive to realize the benefit maximization for the enterprises

if the enterprise’s profit level is on a
leading position of the industry, enterprise should also be in time of peace
prepares for war, and constantly thinking about enterprise’s development in the
future path, continuously explore new growth point.   

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