Construction steel tube leasing industry must to be strengthened supervision

    Steel pipe lease is the supporting industries of building industry. Because driven of interest, some steel tube rental stations use trick each part to get profit from rental contract for the lease item to return.
    Many tricks when return the steel tube
    An insider said that the workers have clear push money ratio from the steel tube rental stations. 1 m steel tube is worth more than $17, the workerl can share 5 yuan. A buckle is worth 6 yuan and more, the worker can share $2. Driven by the interests, when the lessee unit return materials, the workers will leave no stone unturned to look for opportunities to “steal” materials. The workers of rental stations only have 1000 yuan monthly in name, but the actual income is thousands of dollars.
    Mr.Zhang, who once had many dealings with the rental stations, told the reporters that some cautious company wouldl send 3 workers to supervise when return the material commonly. As the car drove up to rental stations, some rental stations loosed fierce dogs, frighten the return material workers. After unloading, they will classify the steel tube, fastener materials according to length. 
    When arrange, the workers began to play tricks. On the side of arrangement is the rental stations inventory of material. When the return material people didn’t watch, the workers threw the material into the their stuff storage. To return the materials in the morning, after unloading and arrangement it must be close to noon. In the time of the return’s people lunch, also is the best time to steal the materials. Some rental stations are more “kind”, when the lunch time, they will invite the return’s people to have lunch on their deal. This lunch time gives the chance to the works to steal the steel pipe. Some units have less experience, also sent a few people to return materials. The workers are much easier to steal materials.
    Steel pipe lease dispute cases is always high rate
    The prosperous of the steel tube lease industry and the without regulation can be seen obviously of the court cases in recent years. Jiangbei court had did a survey about steel lease contract dispute. The data shows, since 2007, the court of these disputes are accepted a year in 100 ~ 200, the judgment rate was 10% ~ 20% (most of the rest is mediation). These decisions in the case, more than half will appeal, and the refusal is almost the construction company, who is as the defendant.
    Many buildings company and construction contractor after renting the steel pipe, they will has a kind of “being designed” feeling. A project manager, who don’t wish to be named, said, “we can see from the lease contract that is drew up by the professional lawyer. The text is strict in law without any problems. The contract set a high cost degree of obligations to the construction unit. Once having lawsuit, construction units can be silent bear”.
    Using liquidated damages as an example, general steel tube lease contract have the liquidated damages for every day 3% of the total money. The actual sued, the lessor often claim 1% per day. Even so, counted it is surprisingly high. Because of the deferred rent time is long, the amount of liquidated damages end often is close to the principal of the rent.
    “Looking from the numbers, it’s intuitive to think on the lessor have the way of business with collection penalty, which is against the integrity.” A judge evaluated who have undertaken such cases of Jiangbei court.

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