Cold-rolled coil prices declined slightly

August cold-rolled
production up to 5.128 million tons in China, growth of 7.44%, an increase of
20.04%, cold production is ending a two-month downward and
creating another new high this year. Meanwhile, the
September production has rebounded significantly, the daily output of crude
steel rose to 1.964 million tons, sufficient supply capacity continues to put
pressure on the steel city. Unluckily, to relieve
the pressure on the last day vacation inventory the mainstream market all
appear low cast goods phenomenon, such as Tianjin, the
individual steel cold rolled coil prices as low as 5200 yuan / ton, traders even
uesd lower prices to absorb the inventory. Additional as we have learned, after the festival Shanghai,
tianjin, guangzhou and other leading market are batch cold rolled resources
here. Seen in this light, cold rolled coils is equally
difficult to prevent the higher cost of capital and unpredictable operating
environment risks, High enterprices¡¯ supply or destroy the original operation
law of cold rolling, the imbalance of supply and demand will be a problem of
the important factors market after the cold rolling mill.

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