Chinese iron ore imports continue to rise, Korea and Japan lack of resources

World iron ore trade formed by Australia,
Brazil, India to China, Japan, the EU etc. countries and regions of transportation

Japan, South Korea, Britain, Italy etc.
major steel producing countries completely depend on imports of iron ore; China
due to the scale of steel production more than its own iron ore resources offer,
which need to import large quantities; Russia’s domestic iron ore supply and
demand is balance; Brazil, India and Australia’s iron ore not only can meet the
domestic demand, but also be a large number of exports.

In recent years, China’s iron ore imports
continue to rise, 2012 imports accounted for 67.9 percent of global total

Japan lack of domestic resources, the use
of iron ore basically depends on imported. Prior to 2003, Japan’s imports of
iron ore volume ranked first in the world, to 2003 by China exceeded. Japan’s
imports of iron ore mainly from Australia and Brazil, some steel companies in Japan,
such as Nippon Steel and JFE Holdings Group, for the protection of stable
sources of iron ore, in these two countries have invested accordingly mines.

South Korea¡¯s iron ore resource is also
relatively poor, over 99% of import dependence. South Korea¡¯s iron ore imports
in recent years is relatively stable, 2011 imports about 65 million tons. South
Korean imports of iron ore mainly come from Australia and Brazil, where ore
from Australia accounted for 50% or more.

Major European countries, Western Europe
imports more than 100 million tons of iron ore, which ranking high in the
world. Western Europe is a major importer of iron ore in Germany. 2000-2011
iron ore imports in Western Europe overall show downward trend, but large
differences between countries, in which the Netherlands increased considerably.
From the proportion of global imports observed, imports of 15 European
countries continued to decline, especially in 2009 the most serious.

Australia is a major producer of iron ore,
iron ore mined mostly for its exports, in recent years, its production and
exports continue to increasing. Australian iron ore exports to Asia and Europe,
China, Japan, Korea has been a major exporter of iron ore in Australia. Western
Europe is also a major exporter of iron ore in Australia, which exports more
than one million tons of countries include United Kingdom, France, the
Netherlands and Germany. In recent years, the number of Turkey’s iron ore
imports from Australia is rising, reaching one million tons or more. Some other
countries imports iron ore from Australia include Pakistan, Italy, USA and

Brazilian iron ore exports only behind
Australia, its iron ore exports nearly one-third of the world’s total exports.
2000 Brazilian iron ore exports is160 million tons, ranking first in the world,
in 2011 export volume reached 330 million tons.

Indian iron ore resource is rich, which is
Asia’s second-largest iron ore reserves country, compared with China, although India
reserves not as good as China, but its iron ore quality is better than China.
Indian iron ore export volume in 2000 was 34.92 million tons, exports for the
first time exceeded 100 million tons in 2008, reaching 104 million tons,
accounting for 11.07% of total world trade.

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