China’s steel pipe industry find the information and saving energy method

    November 25, many steel tube enterprises gathered in Hunan Xiangtan to attend the steel enterprise energy management center demonstrative project construction exchange discussion held by the ministry of industry and information. The information came from the meeting displays that China’s steel pipe industry has the high energy consumption problems. And by establishing “steel enterprise energy management center” to realize intelligent fine management, even if every tons of steel can save energy 10 kilograms standard coal every year, it can also be less “burn” a big coal mine.
    On November 25, in the meeting of steel enterprise energy management center demonstration project construction conference, the parties concern China steel energy conservation and emission reduction “vulnerability”.The data released by the conference showed: on the one hand, China’s steel industry overall process equipment is backward, and secondary energy recovery rate is low. On the other hand, coal accounted for about 70% by China’s steel industry one-time energy and coal quality is poor. And the proportion of petroleum energy and gas less than the United States, Germany, Japan 15% to 25%, which caused we use more 15 kg to 20 kg standard coal per ton to China’s steel industry. In addition, our country scrap steel accumulated resources is less. The proportion of scrap steel smelting furnace is only 10%. But the United States is about 55% for electric furnace steel, Germany is about 30%, Japan is 25%, which caused the comprehensive energy consumption have 80kg standard coal more than the developed countrie per ton steel in China. The total cost of the steel, energy costs accounted for 20% 35%. China’s steel superposition of various factors to the formation of high energy consumption not only weaken the industry international competitiveness, but also bring heavy burden of resources and environment.
    Some enterprise has formed the basic pattern by the base of system integrated optimization, support of information technology, carrier by energy management center project construction, and improvement of the energy control system. According to information, these enterprises through the investment of nearly one hundred million yuan to build energy management system, integrated automation and information technology, realize the energy production, distribution and consumption of control integration. For example the system through the monitor, sensors, such as intelligent terminal, realize the electricity, gas, oxygen, nitrogen and argon, steam, various kinds of water and energy equipment real-time monitoring system, system fault alarm and analysis, remote operation control. In some process, the information technology scheduling control equipment can fine control energy consumption to “kg category”. This project had implemented more than two years to come, the enterprise had comprehensively reduced 38 kg standard coal to the energy consumption level. This technology if popularize in the national steel industry, even every ton of steel can reduce energy consumption of 10 kg standard coal every year, and also can save about 7 million tons of standard coal, which is equivalent of a large coal a year of production.
    YangTieSheng, the chief of workers information department energy saving and comprehensive utilization department, points out that the iron and steel industry energy consumption account for about 10% of China’s total energy consumption, which is the key of national industrial energy saving. Establishing steel enterprise energy management center demonstration project is of great significance to accelerate the industrialization and information fusion, increase the energy saving technology reconstruction efforts in the steel industry, and improve the management level of Chinese steel industry energy and energy efficiency.

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