China steel market situation

End oF Sep,2015,China Steel Price Index(CSPI) is 61.19,changed from up to down with downing 2.17 points,down rate 3.42%; Compared with last year,this is downing 25.16 pointed, and the downing rate reach to 29.14%

Long steel products price coming down from rising,especially for the PLATES. End of Sep,the CSPI IS 62.63 Points,Central Fell(CF) 2.72 points,downing rate 4.16%,Plate CSPI 60.30 points, CF 1.54 points,DR 2.49%,dowing rate increased1.67%.compared with last year, Long Steel CSPI down 23.35 pints,downing rate 27.16%;Plate CSPI down 27.98 points,Down Rate31.69%

Price changing situation for the Main Steel Products (CSPI)

Wire : 117rmb/mt

Deformed Bar:103rmb/mt

Middle Plate:99rmb/mt

HRC :53rmb/mt

CR SHEET:48rmb/mt

GI SHEET:62rmb/mt



Main Trend for Steel —Slightly Down Trend

Follow the down trend of End of August, Sep CSPI keep downing, till end of Sep this trend didn’t changed.Beginning two weeks of Oct,Steel Price steel keep slightly downing trend.

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