China steel industry market

    The marketer finally walked out a self development road in China steel industry market ,in the meanwhile of gradually international market share, we make a great figure in the  international market with outstanding cost-effective advantage, appeared better momentum of development. At present, we become the significant industry of satisfying with domestic market demand, the quite scale and vigorous development

    Along with the remission of international financial crisis gradually, industry market share improves basic steadily. Ontrend Industrial Limited join the steel industry associations and set up a steel industry market belongs to the electronic commercial platform in the electronic commerce development trend

    Ontrend Industrial Limited is specialized in the export manufacturer of ERW Steel pipe, except engage in general Tinplate, also sell Steel Bars, including all kinds of round bar, flat bar, deformed bar.

    The aim of Ontrend Industrial Limited is to give all of our customers”Good Quality, Bettey Price, Best Service” and keep “WIN-WIN” aim. Following these we are growing stable and rapidly.



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