China Steel Association: What is the key steel enterprises in transition?

In 25 at Baosteel Technology Innovation Forum, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association executive vice president, said Liu Zhenjiang, China’s steel output this year expected to reach 700 million tons, while world production was 13 million tons.China is a real steel big country, but can not be called steel power.Transformation of the domestic steel bars industry to succeed, the key is to solve the advanced equipment and the conflict between the quality of personnel.Baosteel to 6 percent of gross domestic industry output, create industry for nearly 1 / 3 of the profits, “which with its highly qualified staff guarantee inseparable.”
       Liu Zhenjiang, said China’s economic development by leaps and bounds, driven by the domestic steel industry’s explosive growth.Chinese steel channel angles annual output 100 million tons 10 years ago, the first half of this year has reached 35 million tons, the year is expected to reach 700 million tons.But China can not be called steel power.”In terms of variety, quality, or effectiveness in business, still a big gap compared with developed countries.
      Liu Zhenjiang ask questions at the forum: “It is our equipment or technology than others?” He said, the answer is no.If, 10 years ago, Baosteel also has a world-class equipment only if the domestic large steel companies today have the basic “Niaoqianghuanpao”, with today’s most advanced technology and equipment, new equipment, some companies have more than Baosteel.So, some advanced equipment and technology, why do not produce first-class products?Staff quality and innovation is the key factor.
       At the Forum, the domestic tinplate manufacturing industry, IT industry experts and many experts believe that corporate invention, with a first-class equipment and technology, also need to have a first-class workforce to manage.”Even the best design and equipment, not to match the front-line workers to go through his hands and ultimately, the product is not guaranteed.”It is understood that the first half, the Steel Association issued industry-wide learning initiative to Baosteel.Liu Zhenjiang, said Baosteel to 6 percent of gross domestic production industry, the industry created a nearly 1 / 3 of the profits, so the operating results of its highly qualified staff is inseparable, “competitive in the market, but competitionforce in the field. “
       According to Baosteel party secretary Liu Guosheng, at present, the average daily production of Baosteel patent 4, 48% of front-line workers to create; average daily production of technological secrets 6, 40% completed by the front-line workers.Three workers received National Science and Technology Progress Award; two workers won the Chinese Baosteel “contemporary workers inventor” title.Baosteel skilled experts Kong Liming Department of Transportation has over 200 individual invention.Liu Zhenjiang, said China’s steel industry, and the whole manufacturing industry, currently facing the transfer mode, adjust the structure of the task.”This is one very key question is, can solve advanced technical equipment and human resources behind the quality of this contradiction.”Now, some large enterprises in the manufacturing sector, keen to introduce first-class technology and equipment, but the quality of training first-class employees, but more often are hung on the lip, than go to a large capital, great efforts.Some really want to enhance staff capacity to make a difference, but could not find effective ways and means.”It can be said that the manufacturing quality of human resources, determine the transfer mode, adjust the structure of the strategic tasks of quality.”


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