China, Japan, South Korea steel cooperation for the sake of difficulty relief

Iron ore and coking coal of external dependence were higher, when common bottlenecks and difficulties is shocking “global steel first plate”-the Asian market, but also promoting a common language in each other: find the corresponding right to speak.

 East Asia as the largest global steel production areas has a major impact for global steel and economy, China, South Korea and Japan of steel enterprises not merely is competition, but also should strengthen cooperation in industry depth. “On September 26, baosteel group President XuLeJiang” 2011 Asian steel BBS ” According to the International Steel Association statistics show that in 2010 the asian region produced 881.197 million tons of crude steel, The crude steel production of world’s 66 countries and regions total is 1,395,459,000 tons, that  steel production in the Asian region accounted for up to 63.1%. With China, Japan, India, South Korea of crude steel production in the world rankings are top 10. But Asia as a real plate of “the world’s largest steel production base,” great output but does not bring the corresponding discourse, especially in iron ore, coking coal and other raw materials, the prevalence of high external dependence, the price in the international negotiations at a disadvantage, and suffered the pain of cost price.However, how to hold together for the three style cooperation,has not formed clear motion.

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