Brazil modifies the antidumping law to shorten the period of investigation


Brazilian government enacted a new law by the end of July, the country’s anti-dumping has been modified to make it more consistent with the current environment and more transparent.

The new regulation replaces the 1995 publication of the regulations, hoping to make Brazil’s foreign trade to adapt to the challenges. On the one hand£¬it make a clearer understanding of the requester trade defense mechanisms, in addition to reducing the cost of case proceedings.

Under the new legislation, the average period of future anti-dumping investigation will be reduced from 15 months to 10 months, and government agencies to the requestor review deadline set for 60 days. From now on, government agencies have issued a preliminary ruling conclusion of dumping damage and consequences. For the existence of dumping cases, it is suitable to the provisional anti-dumping duties during the investigation period, in order to protect domestic industry. The purpose is to ensure that the investigation began to impose provisional anti-dumping duty for the period downing from the current average of 120 days to 240 days. In doesn¡¯t need to provide additional information and necessary evidence of dumping, requests the enterprise launched an investigation into the 15 to 30 days.

At present, the government of Brazilis the anti-dumping investigation of cases have 36, among them 3 case about the steel industry. The products are from China, South Korea, Ukraine and South Africa’s thick plate, cold-rolled stainless steel plate from Germany, China, South Korea, Finland, Taiwan and Vietnam, and from China’s carbon steel seamless pipe. In addition, there are two cases of recent anti-dumping duties have been identified, which one is the non oriented electrical steel sheets from China, Chinese Taiwan and  Korea, another is austenitic stainless steel imports from China and Taiwan pipe.

Brazil Gerdau iron ore shipments will reach 700000 tons this year

In 2013, June and July, Gerdau respectively dispatch a ship of 75000 tons of iron ore to China andEurope. The second half of 2013, Gail plans to ship three ship 165000 tons of iron ore, is expected to total iron ore shipments in the 2013 annual Gail road will reach 700000tons. The Gerdau company produces a range of iron ore products, including iron ore and sinter ore.

In 2012, Gerdau exported 325,000 tons of iron ore and the company is actively expanding its Minas Gerais mine production, and in the short term plans to raise output to 11.5 million tons. The second phase will raise output to 18 million tons. Brazil’s Gerdau is trying to increase this year’s iron ore exports to begin plans to build its own dry bulk terminal project, but there is no clear decision.

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