Baoji Special ERW pipe production line the company successful commissioning of the first steel tube

At 9:30 on August 9, Baoji Special Tubes ERW steel pipe production line after 2 months of continuous fighting, ERW production line installed, with the expected completion, commissioning successful, all operations staff positions, technical experts, technicians, factory leadersall in place, ready to drive pre-production.
           9:35, general manager of Baigong Li Po pipe special pipes in Baoji, general manager of Yang Junfeng, deputy general manager Wang Shaohua, accompanied by the scene, ready to witness this historic moment … …
         9:38, pipe thread branch positions that horse before driving the last inspection, the job re-check the parameters of the equipment.When all the jobs report is ready, everyone in the presence of heart rate, can not wait to hurry out of the pipe to witness the moment.Just listen, Yang Junfeng gave the order: the beginning …
         9:42, “boom” is heard, the device began operation, welding creak sound crisp ear.I saw flowers welding spatter, after forming welded pipe, bit by bit from the Former sticking out.”Success!” One employee shouted excitement, instantaneous, guns sing, cheers, cries explode, revealing the presence of everyone with a bright smile, and some people jumped up excited, and some employeesto embrace together in various ways to express their own inner joy.
         9:45, Baigong Li looked successful commissioning of the first root of ERW steel pipe, smiled and said: “finally succeeded in the matter, this is a good start, but also to make persistent efforts, the early completion of the entire line through.” Yang Junfeng said:”must live up to the leadership of hope, go all out to fulfill the project mission.”
         9:50, ERW production end of the trial, the next will be further debugging, and lay a solid foundation for the final production.After a moment of joy, employees and quickly into a job in the …

        ERW Steel pipe is a high-frequency straight seam resistance welding pipes, acronym for the ERW, used to transport oil, natural gas and other gas-liquid objects, to meet the high and low demands present in the world’s transportation sector accounts for a significant tube position specializes in the production of steel Ontrend Industrial Limited main products are Tinplate,H BEAM IPE IPEAA, etc., the goal is to give all our customers enjoy the “good quality, better price, best service”

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